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Download latest music mp3 – Wobble by Chris brown mp3 download



Download latest music mp3 - Wobble by Chris brown mp3 download

Wobble by Chris brown

How to download Wobble by Chris brown mp3 download

  • Search for Wobble by Chris brown
  • Open the found article
  • scroll down till you see the download button
  • Lastly click on the button to download
About the Song and Artiste.

American singer, songwriter and dancer, Chris Brown releases a brand new song titled “Wobble Up

Furthermore, he featured Rap Queen, Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy.

Download the song via the button below

Download latest music mp3 - Wobble by Chris brown mp3 download

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Wobble on the dick, wobble up, wobble—wobble up (yee)
Wobble on the dick (It’s Gerry), wobble up, wobble—wobble up (ay)
Okay, now show me what you gon’ do on the big stage (ay)
‘Cause I’m headin’ to Miami for a big rage (vroom)
I’m on 10 and 11, it’s been six days (ay)
Yeah, but she gon’ ride the pipe in 26 ways (got monkey on the dick)
Ay, the way you bounce on it
I might have to fuck around and spend a house on it
Down Rodeo, now I’m spendin’ large amounts on it
Swipe the platinum, I might empty my accounts on it—sheesh


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